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You can wait your whole life

Wed, 26th September 2018

Being ready is an important part of taking great street photographs. And being lucky is another key part. While I was already well aware of the arrows on the the city buses and how I might use them, I knew I couldn't stand and wait for such a shot to come together.

But when I saw the cyclist I suddenly knew a whole lot of things had to come together. First he had to turn right and not go straight or left. He had to go at exactly the right speed, and no cars, bikes or pedestrians had to get in my way. Fortunately he was already well colour coded, so I thought my stars, or at least my bikes and buses might align on this Wellington morning. And they did, especially with the bus passenger having a look at the proceedings.

In some ways this feels like the project signature image because it says all I want to say about commuter cycling - it is the way forward.