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pushbike.nz is a commuter cycling photo project - a celebration of people on bikes through imagery.

The objective is to celebrate and promote the wonderful people who ride their bikes, for whatever reason, but primarily to get from point A to point B. In a world dominated by cars it often seems like we have lost the plot as so many have become insular and so dependant on the vehicles that get them around, seemingly ignorant and uncaring about how unsustainable this culture has become.

The first goal is the production of a book Pushbike.nz: People on Bikes. I am seeking crowd-funding to help pay for this.

More than that, commuter cyclists are an extremely interesting subculture. The project aims to give them a more visible fact, and tell the story of them and their bikes on the roads and paths of New Zealand. Cycling, particularly in traffic, is a great leveller. There is very little veneer left as the cyclists exposes themselves to the weather, dangerous driving, and very often for at least part of their journey, a substandard infrastructure. These commuters lead rich and varied lives and this is often reflected in the imagery captured by this project.